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Personal Growth Coaching

Relationship Strategy

I believe that relationships are the most important priority in life and that people are our most precious resource. This program is designed for anyone interested in improving their relationships. The course is relevant for couples in dating and premarital stages as well as those in long term relationships with many years together. Family members who are having difficulty getting along and friendships that are needing healing can also benefit. It is for individuals wanting to gain relationship building strategies to use in their interactions with others in the world.

Navigating Life Transitions

Life offers us many transitions. We go to college, we begin careers, we enter and exit relationships, we begin families, we retire and all along the way we assess our goals and adjust our paths to move in a new direction. Transitions may be planned out by us or may be tossed upon us unexpectantly. Change is a constant and navigating change is an essential skill to walking the path of life with ease and joy. Whatever your current transition in life, coaching can help you by providing a guide to uncover your deepest desires and bring your dreams to life.

Becoming Your Best Self

Do you feel like something is in the way to you being all that you can be? Many things stop us from realizing the success that is possible. Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image play important roles in who we become and what we accomplish. Together we will harness your strengths and natural abilities to get you to where you want to be.  Peak performance coaching provides a system to get you into the creative zone and help you to remove obstacles in the way of you achieving your most important goals and dreams, bringing you joy and fulfillment.

Professional Development Coaching

Launching Your Business

Are you ready to take the steps necessary to go into business for yourself? Business owners often lack the training and information needed to leave their job and build a career. The risks are high and so are the benefits of working for yourself. Take advantage of a hybrid one-on-one and on line program that is combined to give you support in building your business from the ground up. Obtain personal mentoring to define your superpower and put it to use in your life. Identify and build the skills you personally need to ensure your success. Enjoy the support and security of having a personal coach walking the path with you.

Clinical Consultation

Partnering with an experienced therapist can support your work with clients when difficult issues arise.  Consultation can assist in determining the direction to go with a client to move them out of a stuck position or in resolving a piece of trauma so you can move your work with your client forward.  Clinical supervision is also offered to therapy practitioners in a group or individual setting, whether you are seeking licensure or  wanting to take your therapy skills to the next level.  Supervision can help you to   incorporate new techniques and perspectives into your practice as well as to guide you on the path to building your own practice.

Leadership Competency

Moving into management is an important step in your career. Learning to identify leadership potential and master the 8 leadership competencies will ensure your success. Do you want to create leadership that builds strong cohesive teams and utilize people to their highest potential? Would you like to bring greater clarity to your hiring, firing and promotion choices based on each individual’s strengths and job fit. You can begin by creating a culture in which people understand themselves as well as the members of the team. We will work together to create a unique team building blueprint aligned to your specific business vision.

About Me

I have been providing insight and direction to individuals, couples, family members, and peers for over 30 years in the areas of personal growth and professional development. I believe that relationships are the most critical priority in life and that people are our most precious resource. I have been in the corporate world building programs, managing teams and maximizing profit while simultaneously providing insight and direction to individuals and teams in the areas of personal performance and professional development.  I was fortunate to learn about relationship styles in a way that easily translates to better communication, smooth conflict resolution, and increased satisfaction in the lives of people at all stages of their relationships and all stages of their career development.

I will help you to understand people and interact with them in a way that builds trust, safety, shared purpose, and lasting connection.

Sheila Walty is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Professional Coach who has 35 years experience providing therapy and coaching to individuals, couples, families and teams.  She served as the Clinical Director for the Oregon Critical Incident Response Team and has been featured as a speaker regarding trauma, communication and teambuilding.

Why Coaching?

Coaching facilitates life balance while helping you reach your desired goals. A coach assists you torealize your unique vision, life purpose and personal dreams. It is like having a personal trainer for life, taking you to the “next level” financially, relationally and spiritually. A partnership is developed between you and the coach that is designed to produce results in your personal and professional life.

Coaching clients often report increased earnings, better use of time, improved physical fitness, better relationships, improved health, more free time, and an overall increase in their sense of control andpeace of mind. Coaching works because it brings out people’s best. It bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be by helping you stay focused on your goals.


“I was looking for someone to help me in my start up business. She was someone who I could bounce ideas off of and help me get centered on what I do best.”

Dave Westmark

Senior Advisor and Life Coach, Firm Foundations Business Advisors

“Sheila is both knowledgeable and interactive as an instructor. Sheila is very professional and demonstrates tremendous integrity both in her work and in her field of expertise. She genuinely cares for people and also has a strong work ethic. She is an excellent role model and guide for those pursuing growth personally, socially, emotionally, and vocationally.”

Joseph Thouvenel

Organizational Transformation Consultant, Providence Health and Services

“Sheila’s team coaching brought us solid skills in communication and problem solving that took us to the n ext level as a team. We were able to develop a cohesive culture enabling us to have a greater impact with our work”.

Kathleen Gorman Marvin

Director, Tillamook Women’s Resource Center

“Our team building retreat was kick started by Sheila as she built understanding and appreciation of each others strengths and greatest possible contributions to the company. She provided us a common language for future growth.”

Dorothy Mitchell

Bike Town